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mouse trap cars: The Secrets to Success

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mouse trap powered car performance tips

There are many varibles that will effect the performance of your vehicle, here five very inportant varibles that must be properly adjusted for the type of car you are building. Click on each varible so see how you can gain better performance from you spee, distance, or power mousetrap powered car or boat. I can not tell you enough that any over exageration of one or more of these ideas will lead to poor performance. You must find a balance between all ieads through proper testing!

Rolling Friction - Ideas for decreasing the rolling friction of your mousetrap car
Pulling Force - Adjust the pulling force by using a different lever arm.
Axle-to-Wheel Ration - Adjust the ratio of the drive wheel and drive axle.
Starting Energy - Try a stronger spring with a larger spring constant.
Wheel Traction - Adjust the wheel tracktion for greater accelerations

mouse trap powered car construction tips

If you are looking for some good ideas for making a mousetrap powered car then follow this link. In this page you will find some good ideas to apply to your construction as you build your car or vehicle. Current topics:
decreasing rotational inertia, how to make a big wheel, CD spacers, increasing traction, and making a light weight lever arm. Learn some of the secret construction tips from the experts, people who have set record. Many of Doc Fizzix construction ideas will be placed on this page and changed from time-to-time so common back ye-all!

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 mouse trap powered car basic kits $14.95

A great kit! Comes with everything you need to build a top notch mousetrap powered car. Depending on how you want to build it, it could be a top distance, speed, power pull, and more vehicle. It can also carry large loads like soda cans and large weights. Head-ache free, this mouse trap car can be built in 30 minutes. This mousetrap powered car will travel more than 30 meters or 90 feet. Great for first time builders! Age level 13 and up.

Kit comes with the following: Plans, Wood for frame, brass tubing, compact disk for wheels, lever are extension, thrust bearings, wheel spacers, string, axle hook, and mousetrap. Size: Frame is 18 inches long and 3 inches wide.

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