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 mouse trap car basic kit

  mousetrap powered car basic kits $14.95

A great kit!
Comes with everything you need to build a top notch mousetrap powered car. Depending on how you want to build it, it could be a top distance, speed, power pull, and more vehicle. It can also carry large loads like soda cans and large weights. Head-ache free, this mouse trap car can be built in 30 minutes. This mousetrap powered car will travel more than 30 meters or 90 feet. This car will also hold over 2 Kg of mass for pulling contest. Great for first time builders! Age level 13 and up.

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Ideas for Increasing Distance

Decrease Pulling Force

1. Decrease the mass of the vehicle. By reducing the weight of the vehicle you have less force pushing on the friction points

2. Decrease the force required to pull the mousetrap car by decreasing the rotational inertia. Decrease the rotational inertia by removing mass from the inside of the car's wheels.

3. Decrease the overall mass of the mousetrap car by removing mass from the frame and use a lighter weight lever arm. Heavy lever arms consume energy when the spring is required to lift them.

4. Move the mousetrap away from pulling axle and extend the length of the mousetrap's lever arm. Re-adjust the string and the string attachment point over the

Ideas for Increasing Speed

Increase the Pulling Force

1. Move the mousetrap closer to the drive axle. Make sure that the trap is not too close to the drive axle or the wheels will sping. Try several trap placments.

2. Find a stronger mousetrap! Test several different traps with a spring scale.axle.

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mouse trap cars: The Secrets to Success

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mouse trap car basic kit

$14.95 Click to Order

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